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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in broad daylight. how he was able to lure his victim. and, you might have to dig deep into your pockets to gas up in new jersey. how a big move today could make the state's gas prices jump to the highest in the nation. good day everybody, it is june 30th, 2016. i'm lauren johnson. chris murphy has the morning off. dave war send in, though, and he's going to gave you a sort of perfect forecast for this thursday. >> perfect weather. perfect forecast. although the perfect forecast is the only today forecast, not the seven day forecast, things will change rap i lid here, overnight tonight, tomorrow, call today, though, perfect ten. so, looking pretty good outside. sunshine is there. on the way, i should say, humidity down. no showers out there. ultimate doppler all clear. this is the computer forecast now. it shows just few clouds around. look at the breeze developing here, these clouds moving inland, that's the cooler weather you'll like that down the shore right about 12:00 to 5:00. that temperature will drop. you get the nice comfortable breeze. until then, though, pretty warm. there, right along the coast.
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now, inland, few clouds, but then the dough go away. clouds will continue to increase overnight tonight. there is a storm just to the south, that's bringing back the humidity that left us yesterday with the breeze. so it comes back tomorrow. with that, the chance for showers, and storms, phillies had sunscreen, and the old phone, might have trouble getting into the social media accounts on that, but today is social media day. so, certainly, stay on top of that. into the 50's, and 60s, right now, we will head for the 80s later today. we've dropped to 58 degrees in allentown, so, there is a few 50's out there. haven't seen these numbers in a while. fifty-seven in oxford, doylestown, is at 59. pottstown, briefly drop down below 06 degrees. nice and comfortable, still pretty cool to the south there with temperatures down to the mid to low 60s. how about delaware? all mid to low 60s. 80s today along 95, very nice, few clouds north and west at 84, cooler afternoon breeze, and that will go well inland, so see nice comfortable
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temperatures, down the shore, as we go from the 80s down into the 70s. how about the roads this morning? checking in with bob kelly, what's the latest? >> dave, among, everybody, 5:02, not bad at all at the moment. hello ft. washington, live look at 309, the pennsylvania turnpike, kind of quiet, crews still out, they've been working on the turnpike for most of the overnight, looks like they're pack up, gone, look at the background, there is your antenna towers there, shooting phillies hottest radio stations at the belmont interchange. live look at the vine expressway, opened up, good to go, for the morning rush hour. soy come on down. no problems at all into or out of the city, the market frankford line, and the subway, trains rolling now for the rush hour, shuttle buses are put back into the garage, and downed tree out here along the phoenix ville pike at warner lane, causing some delays, and later on this morning, breakfast segment, going to pudge's in conshohocken, we'll be throughout from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by and say hi.
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mass transit at the moment, looking good, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. camden, one man shot, and investigators on the scene along moore street. police say the shooting happened around 2:30 this morning, that man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wounds to the stomach. we don't know his condition at this hour. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it in. >> many unanswered questions this morning, after 13 year old shot dead in germantown. steve keeley is at police headquarters where detectives think steve that gun could have been stolen. >> yes, we got some of the answers, this gun was a stash gun. meaning, somebody got it from a previous crime, it was found with jewelry by these kids, and in a abandoned house backyards. a 17 year old was in the group of kids, and turned them nef here with his parents last night, admit that he was the shooter. and homicide detective think this was completely unintentional and an accident. >> my heart moved out. i mean, first of all, why was a gun doing in the backyard, you know what i mean, so
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irresponsible. you know what i mean, you are going to ask the question where was the parent? but at the same time, gout neighborhood thugs putting, stashing guns and stuff around, you know, you don't know where your child is, and you don't know they're out to play innocently and they get their hands on these fire weapons. next thing you know they're hurt. >> my prayers go out for them, sad, because i got children, you know, so, you know, i fear for my children's rivals. >> unbelievable. kids like this, just like -- sad. >> our daily viewers will recognize this as second time within a week, i've been standing in the same spot, talking about a child here in philadelphia, being shot in the face and killed, by an accidental gunfire, by children playing with guns, it was a four year old girl last week who shot herself, mom and boyfriend, now, charged, and then in april we had the other four year old girl shot by her father playing with a gun. so, this is three kids here in philadelphia shot in the face and killed by people
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playing with guns. >> fortunate -- unfortunate headlines, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> in delaware, police seeking help to get suspected rapist offer the street. dave chin chen live with who police are searching for. hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, the sun is about to come up here, lit letterly getting more light, in a park area, river, bridge, you can see right there, footpath t seems to be popular area where a lot of people in wilmington work out and go for a walk. this is an area where an attacker pulled a victim into secluded area with a weapon, we're told, wilmington police say this is the man suspected in the attack. he's -- his image captured by surveillance camera. investigators say that this suspect sexually assault add woman and forced her into a hidden spot near the brandywine river where we are now along the 800 block of south park drive. this all happened around 9:30 tuesday morning. police say the man picture here is about 30 years old,
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and was wearing tan pants, and you can also see of course the black shirt that he's wearing, and the black cap, as well. now, we're told, he's wanted for questioning by investigators here. if you have any information, you are urged to call police. coming back live here, give you another picture of this area, learn little bit more about it as the sun continues to come up. hoping to talk with people who may be out working out or running to get their thoughts on this situation, because a lot of people likely travel this spot every single day, and it just now finding bought this, and you can bet, this is certainly unsettling to them. back to you. >> of course, of course, people, worry. dave kinchen, thank you so much. new jersey gas prices could jump to some of the highest in the nation, legislation that raises the state's gas tax by 23 sent a gallon heads to the state senate today. drivers have been calculating those costs ever since the democrat led assembly pass that bill on tuesday. if it becomes reality, the higher tax woulds kick in tomorrow, right before the july 4th weekend. lawmakers say that monday i would go to road and bridge work, the legislation also
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carries a sales tax cut of 1%, republican governor chris christie sports the gas tax hike. >> and in atlantic city casino workers threatening to hit the picket lines, if they can't reach a contract agreement with their bosses, very soon. members of unite here local 54 spent the day getting into strike mode, just in case, the union's 6500 casino workers hit the picket lines tomorrow. local 54 is in contract negotiations, with five casinos at ceasar's, harrah's, trump taj. taj mahal. sales in the past ten years, she has only received a 80 sent an hour pay increase in total. she said when the casinos were struggling workers made concessions but now that things are look willing g up, workers aren't getting paid back. >> they've made a good profit that they've given themselves a pay increase, and bonuses, and incentives. so now it is time to give back to the workers, that helped up naught 2011.
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>> atlantic city officials say a strike is not in anyone's best interest. fox 29 reached out to the casinos, we're still awaiting a response. meanwhile, atlantic city councilman says the city can save some money buy eliminating two council seats. council president marty small says getting rid of two of the three at large council seats could save the city $480,000 over four years. those council seats don't actually represent any particular neighborhoods, small sales, only one at large seat is needed to break potential ties among the six ward council members. the full council will consider the proposal today, but even if it agrees, state lawmakers would still need to improve it, and city voters need to give it a final okay. >> a woman in the hospital after overnight hit-and-run in point breeze, this happened just after midnight on south 23rd and moore street. the victim taken to presbyterian medical center minor injuries, at this point, police do not have a description of the vehicle that hit her. camden police have released video showing the moment a suspect got away after attacking a cab driver
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early yesterday morning. take a look, the man climbs out of the passenger window of the cab, after the driver intentionally crashed into a parked car, police say, that happened after he was stabbed seven times in the shoulder by that suspect, during a robbery. this happened at front and state street. the driver, taken to the hospital, by a good samaritan, he is expected to survive and be okay. the suspect, still on the loose, if you know who he is, contact police. people being told to boil their tap water after a sinkhole opens up in berks county. officials say, a water main break is to blame. look at the scene there, on abington drive, yesterday morning, at first, the sinkhole in the street started offer pretty small, but neighbors say they watched it quickly grow, it is now 70 feet wide, 10 feet deep, luckily, no one was standing in its way. >> i'm thinking that's a scary thing, because anybody could have been driving over it. and how far is it going to open? it could come across here, and affect the houses and everything else. >> authorities had to shut off
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water service to about dozen homes and businesses in that area. crews have been working throughout the night to make repairs. they expect to be finished within a few days. 5:10 this morning. let's turn to the news in turkey. biggers airport back up and running after three suicide bombers killed 41 people, injured hundreds of others, at security check point. the prime minister there says three attackers took attacks i to the airport, blew themselves up at three different locations, one particular group has claimed responsibility, turkey is pointing the finger at isis. airports across the united states have now beefed up security, on this fourth of july weekend. up next: the search for a carjacking suspect with unique disguise. what police don't know about who they are looking for. >> and, school might be out for the summer but the philadelphia school district hard at work. the big hiring move they're making to benefit kids in the classroom.
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plan your summer vacation at >> the weather forecast this morning, clear, comfortable, humidity down, nothing on ultimate doppler radar. keep this close by, though, because we'll have showers, storms, coming back into the area, maybe as soon as tomorrow. temperatures into the 60s, and few 50's, so we've dropped into the upper 50's there in allentown, mount pocono, very, very comfortable, with the low humidity, and the clear skies, sun's not up yet. so it can continue to drop. sixty-seven, overdue point of 56. the numbers into the 50's, nice and comfortable, with just light breeze.
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north-northwest at 7 miles an hour. that northwest wind, will make it little warmer, down the shore, this morning, but we will get the sea breeze developing, that's when the winds changes, you see these clouds developing, that's the time when the sea breeze develops between 12:00 and 5:00. beautiful beach day. grab the sunshine with that bright sunny weather, the high uv index today. so, it will be little cooler there. these clouds just popping up like we had yesterday. they pop up and then they clear out overnight. usually, they'll hold together to the south. that's a storm there bringing back the humidity, and as it gets a little closer, it will be the focus for showers, and even few thunderstorms, tomorrow. our temperatures are into the 70s to start, 80s this afternoon, but look how it drops, down the sharp, from the 80s right before noon, down into the upper 70s, and lower 70s, in ocean city, and wildwood. so just perfect beach day there. just have to wait for that sea breeze to develop. showers, storms tomorrow. maybe few rain showers in the morning.
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and then the storms could really develop in the afternoon and evening. the storms will clear on saturday. little shower to the south on sunday. looks like it could just affect mainly parts of delaware, here in philadelphia, and even new jersey will be clear. now, monday see mix every sunday and clouds, tuesday sun to clouds, and wednesday, we have some periods of rain, checking out the shore temperatures, nice and comfortable today, tomorrow, but does get little warmer. saturday, sunday, monday, not too hot, nice and comfortable down therefore the fourth of july weekends, bob? >> sounds good. see you down the shore this weekend, 5:15, it is thursday, the day before the big get away day on a holiday weekend. things kind of quiet. live look here at the blue route, 476, as you roll in and out of delaware county, looking here, the upper left, the beginning of some sun glare. so get ready to pack your shades, but no problems at all here, on 95, as you roll in and out of delaware county, and charlestown, chester county, phoenixville pike, god
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bless you at warner rain, watch for downed tree, just off route 29 there in chester county, septa using shuttle buses, on the routes ten and the 15 trolleys. all due to track work, i mention back down the shore, tomorrow is the big get away day on a holiday weekend, remember, you want to be up and over that walt whitman bridge no later than 2:00 and on your way, otherwise, you're going to sit in a delay, and maybe just hang out until after the dinner hour, but right here, that expressway and garden state parkway interchange has been a hot mess, the last couple of weekends, because only one lane on to the parkway through that construction zone. so just factor that into your travel times tomorrow. but keep in mind, we will be down there on the boardwalk in wildwood, bright and early, tomorrow morning, right there at the boardwalk and shellinger avenue in wildwood. >> breaking news right now out of turkey. turn i shall state media says 13 suspect have now been detained in connection with
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that airport attack in istanbul. three of them foreign nationals. the story is still developing. of course as soon as we get more updates we'll bring you that information. >> back here at home, police on the look-out for suspect after bizarre robbery in olney. investigators trying to track down the robber who carjacked a 34 year old mexican immigrant. this happened earlier this month, ' was approached at store on the 5200 block of north fifth street. the suspect pulled a gun, made him drive to apartment, where he lives with friends, once inside the apartment, that suspect ransacked the place. the victims spoke to fox 29, through his nephew, who translated. >> he told him, if he had any money, he said, do you have any money or i'll kill you. and the guy started choking him. >> police believe the suspect may and man dressed as a woman wearing a pink and orange shirt, white shorts, caring large handbag with a handgun, the suspect got away with cash, electronics, jewelry, along with 2,004 focus. >> kensington teenager nearly killed by stray bullet one
5:18 am
year ago continues her fight to recover. this, as the shooter remains at large. diamond santiago had her last of eight surgeries yesterday, after being shot in the stomach last may. the despite her injuries, 14 year old returned to school this past january, recently graduating from the eighth grade with straight a. her mother tells fox 29 support from family and friends even complete strangers helped her get through those tough times. >> i have a diamond page on facebook, and continuous support and prayer. this is what helped her be where she is at right now. >> diamond was hit by random bullet as she stands with friends at a stoop of a rowhouse, two hooded men firing guns seen running away at this time. police still have not made any arrests. a jury finds a local doctor guilty in running a pill mill where he illegally distributed drugs, generating millions of dollars. authorities say william j o'brien the third who has offerses in both philadelphia and levittown, ran the drug operation with help from the pagan's motorcycle club. o'brien was found guilty of
5:19 am
more than 100 counts of distribution of controlled substances. dis sensing hundreds every thousands every painkillers. he face as mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years. a judge will not lower bail for two pennsylvania men arrested last week trying to drive into new york city with the cash and weapons. the attorneys for john kramsey andean smith asked a judge to let them post 10% of their $75,000 bail. well the judge refused. police also arrested kimberly arden who hired a new attorney, she was not at the hearing. kramsey had posted on line he was headed to new york to rescue a 16 year old girl whose friend had over dozed on heroin. in harrisburg, state senate house will hammer out differences over the budget yesterday. senate approved the house's $31 billion budget plan with some minor changes, it includes 5% spending increase for public schools, prisons, social services among other things. governor wolf praised the senate's budget plan. it is not clear, though, if he's committed sign it as is. this all comes two month after
5:20 am
the ends after record breaking stalemate that marked the governor's first go-around with the state budget. pennsylvania's new fiscal year starts tomorrow. classrooms in philadelphia schools of course empty now for summer break, but come this fall, officials say, they'll all be filled with teachers. the philadelphia school district says, it is on track to fill all available teaching positions, by the start of the new school year. superintendent william hite says the district has already filled nearly all of it current vacancies, and by the end of the week they should only have about 45 openings left. >> extremely important. because it is important that student begin the year understanding and forming relationships with individuals who will be with them, throughout the year, and the way you start is generally the way you will -- the year will go, and the way you will finish. >> progress has already been made so far. the district has hired 531 new teachers. >> 5:20 this morning. are we spending too much time
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glued to our screens? the study that shows we are obsessed with smart phones. and miss teen usa going little more modest in the future by ditching the skim ski swimsuits. why officials say it is time to cover up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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in your monday think morning, toyota recalling more than 1 million vehicles worlds wide because of defective airbag, japanese air maker says small crack in some airbag inflaters. airbags were not made by takata. this is different many. >> this one affect the prius from model years 2010 to 2012 as well as lexus c t2 hundred model years 2011 and 2012. toyota says it is not aware of any fatalities or injuries related to the recall. wal-mart makes a move, in its competition with amazon. the retailer now offering its shipping pass program to customers for 30 day free trial since last year, the retail giant has been testing that membership program, which offers free two-day shipping on its best selling products. it competes with amazon prime, which costs about $99 a year, but also, comes with free streaming programming among many other perks. this one, though, is 50 bucks
5:25 am
more than wal-mart's program. >> how much time do you spends in front after screen every single day? your phone, the tv, computers at home and work, video games? average time foreperson during the first three month of this year? ten hours and 39 minutes. according to neilson company study. released this week. that's an increase of an hour over the same time period last year. neilson said the current time may be even higher, that's because the time on smart phones is not including texting, selfies, or simply just talking on the phone. one of the country's most popular beauty pageant doing away with really big part. they are tacking the swimsuits out, and they're adding work out clothes. swimwear shown here in 2015, the broadcast there, not part of this miss teen. sa pageant. so the organization which hoses the pageant miss universe announced a move yesterday. the group says in today's society, watching women parade across the stage in a bikini just feels sort of out-dated,
5:26 am
instead, those women will be judged on brand new athletic wear competition. >> still ahead, we're following breaking news out of turkey. the number of people just taken into custody in relation to recent terror attack in istanbul. plus, steve keeley on this developing story here at home. >> yes, weaver awful number to report, lauren. three children now shot in the face and killed, unintentionally by people playing with guns, and we have an update for you on this case.
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>> thirteen year old shot dead. unanswered questions how group of teens got ahold of the gun that killed him. and police looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in broad daylight. how he was able to lure in his victims. and you might have to dig deep into your pockets, to gas up in new jersey, pretty soon. how a big move today could make the state's gas prices jump to the highest in the nation. >> almost the weaken, not quite there yet, the best part of today, is that the weather is almost a perfect ten.
5:30 am
you can see, right now, the sun rising. the platt brink. there go. >> i had to beat bob kelly. >> thank you for helping me out there, dave warren. >> beautiful shot this morning. waiting for the sunrise to come up there. waiting for the sunshine, humidity is down, it is a nice start to the day. nothing on ultimate doppler, it will stay that way today, at least, keep close eye on this, because showers could return, as soon as over night tonight, and tomorrow. showing you this because it is not really the clouds or the rain we're talking about today, but watch what happens here, right along the sharp, see that cloud moving inland? that's the sea breeze developing between 12:00 and 6:00. that's when the temperatures drop a bit. and it get nice and comfortable. clouds inland, this is puffy white clouds that develop, and then clear out, usually after sunset, these clouds will continue to move north. that is the humidity returning, and that will bring with it some rain by tomorrow morning. open up the windows. no air conditioner needed this morning. 50's in pottstown, allentown,
5:31 am
mount pocono, philadelphia at 67. phillies gear, sunscreen, sunglasses and the cell phone, because today is social media day, in case you want to have an excuse to check your social media accounts. there go. 50's, 60s, headed for the 80s this afternoon, low humidity, bright sunshine, we like to keep that continuing through the weekend. not the case. the details on when that humidity returns in the seven day forecast coming up of the right now we go over to bob. >> hey, dave, morning. 5:31, thursday, and we're looking liver at i95, right behind this sign here, see this right here? the blinkers? southbound 95, right at packer, right near the stadium area. got a disable, what's going to be tough here, as soon as you come around that curve, and hopefully we can get a penndot arrow truck, or officer out there before that disable turns into an accident. here is a live look at the benny, looking good this morning, no problems up and over from south jersey, into downtown, looking good coming in from the suburbs, the construction zone there, along 202, just watch it, they shuffle the cones around, every couple of days or so.
5:32 am
we got downed tree along the phoenixville pike, at warner lane. septa using shuttle buses on both the routes ten and the 15 trolleys. and come on, get your golden slippers, later tonight, the summer mummer concert down at second and washington. so we'll see some local detours from 8:00 to 10:00 tonight. otherwise looking good at the airport, and no problems on mass transit. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. another tragic story, kids playing with guns there is time community? germantown is mourning a 13 year old boy, steve keeley, at police headquarters, where police say this gun was probably stolen? >> i can't believe i'm out here again to report on philadelphia child getting shot in the face and killed, with an unintentional accidental shooting, and that is the case here. we've had three kids now, just since april. two, four year old girls, and now a 13 year old boy, he was shot just days after the school year ended in a yard, abandoned home, where they finds a gun, and some jewelry,
5:33 am
likely, both stashed there, by a criminal who either stole them out after house or used the gun to holdup somebody for the jewelry. so, the kids finds the gun, play with the gun, right around dinnertime, and a 17 year old has turned themself in here with his parents last night, and admit that he fired the gun accidentally at his friends, shooting him in the face, and he died within an hour. >> this is a tragedy. this child didn't even get a chance to realize his dreams. >> it hurt, it hit home, i got children, and just to hear things like this, really, you know, makes you think of, you know, what's really going on. >> everything this dissatisfied about the gun violence, especially our babies dying like this, we want the neighborhood to show that their dissatisfaction, come out here and engage and dialogue, and demand that we take our streets back, demand that black men stands up to be accounted for. >> federal officials working with philadelphia police to
5:34 am
trace a gun and its origins. lawyer answer lot of times guns are bought as a straw purchase, meaning, they bought for people who doesn't have criminal record had can't legally buy it they then report it stolen and say it was stolen out of their car on home or whatever and they sell it to their friends we'll likely learn if there is serial number that this gun was stolen way back when, how many crimes it was used in, who knows. >> happening now in delaware, police issue warning to the public, after rape near popular park. dave kinchen live in wilmington with who police are searching for this morning, hi, dave. >> the brandywine river, where attacker pulled victim into secluded area with a weapon. wilmington police say this is
5:35 am
the man suspected in the attack, his image captured by surveillance camera. say the suspect sexually assault add woman and forced her into a hidden spot near the river along 800 block every south park drive around 9:30, tuesday morning. police say the man pictured here about 30 years old, wearing tan pants, in addition to the blue, black shirt, you see, if you have any information, wilmington police ask you to give them a call. we are hoping to learn more about this case as investigators continue to piece together details, coming back over here but an area where people are shaken up, by this hoping to hear from them, as we hear from people out and about this morning, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks. new jersey gas prices could jump to the highest in the nation. legislation that raises state's gas tax, by 23 sent a gallon, heads to the state senate today. drivers have been calculating those costs since the democrat led assembly pass that bill on tuesday, if it becomes reality, the higher taxes would kick in tomorrow. just before the july 4th
5:36 am
weekend, lawmakers said the money would go to road and bridge work, legislation also carries sales tax cut of 1%. >> 5:36ment breaking news to turkey, turkey stayed media, 13 suspect have been detained in connection with the airport attack in istanbul. three of them, foreign nationals, were gathering more information about this story and of course will bring it to you as soon as we get updates. turkey's biggest airport back up and running, after three suicide bombers killed 41 people, injured hundreds of other at security check point, prime minister stays three attackers took taxi to the airport, blue themselves up three different locations while no particular group has claimed responsibility, turkey now pointing the finger at isis airport at home across the the us have beefed up security on this fourth of july weekend. >> still ahead, woman injured in a overnight hit-and-run. why police may have hard time figuring how the did this.
5:37 am
and michael temps adding to an already historic resume. the history he made last night in the pool, at the olympic trials.
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] >> you know what they say, pay back is, well, you know what they say. last week, arizona swept the
5:40 am
phils in four game series here there is week, the phils sweep arizona in the dessert tonight arizona, four-run, came from behind again, error by jake lamb allows the phillies to take a lead, arizona ties it up in the eighth. but in the tenth, tyler goodel, all exciting sacrifice fly, that ends up winning the game for the phillies, they win it nine-eight, and sweep the series respect first time since april. all right, great catch. in detroit. marlins player makes the catch. denny, that's real a good catch, how much, detroit wins the game ten-four. all right, let's go to i am within ton. number one seed here in the near court, does not lose grand-slam events. matter of fact, he beats manarino. and it is the 30th straight grand-slam win for jokevich. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> michael temp not done making history, does it once again in the pool, becomes the first american male simmer it qualify for five olympic
5:41 am
games. he qualified for the games last night after winning the 200-meter butterfly final. he has a trophy case like no other. it includes 22 olympic medals, including, a record 18 olympic gold medals. the worlds will be watching to see if he adds more to the case, the summer olympic games begin august 5th in rio. by the way, it is the olypians birthday, michael temps turns 31 years old today. story you'll see only here on fox 29, story both shocking and pretty sad. we take to you a philadelphia neighborhood, where needles are piling up faster than they can be cleaned up. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
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>> we have to remind you, every friday taking over a local town. get ready we're going town the shore to wildwood tomorrow. we'll be live along the board wage, best part, you can win a car, a mazda cx9. there is all of the fancy video there. all do you have do, go to our website there is a contest page on our home page. so every week we pick a finalist, then on our final show, there is one big give away. all of the fine list also come line up, see if the key
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unlocks that fancy car right there. so, here is where we're going over the next several weeks. friday, july 22, is our finale, but you see we do wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield, leading up to the big finale at the del music center. okay, let's talk about the weather. perfect ten day dave war never. >> perfect ten. wildwood, even though rain coming in in the morning it, looks like it will be inland there before we start to see showers and storms everywhere. no storms today. enjoy it. temperatures are down to the 50's, nice comfortable start, low humidity, open up the windows, turn offer the ac for awhile, enjoy the nice cooler weather here. sixty-seven in philadelphia, 60s to the south, there is the 50's pottstown, and allentown, even mount pocono at 55 degrees. warmer air to the south and the increase humidity. this storm here will try to bring all of this back tomorrow. it will bring in the clouds, and it is a question of how quickly the humidity returns, because we have some rain in the morning, with the warmfront, showers and storms in the afternoon, with the
5:46 am
cold front. here is the timing. first off this is starting tonight. nothing really happens until then. by tomorrow morning, there is the light rain developing, as the warmer air works its way in from the south. don't think too much after warmfront, more of humidity increase there, that you will notice. temperatures will still be like they are today. but the how many at this jumps out throughout the day today. showers, will continue by 10:00. it is still clear down the shore that wind is coming in from the southeast, that keeps the temperatures down, it also keeps the rain inland. now, eventually, the humidity increases everywhere. and here comes the cold front, as it slides in from the west, showers and storms are likely, could be even strong or severe, specially to the north, but looks like this period of rain continues between about 6:00 and 8:00. tomorrow night, it will be clearing out by tomorrow evening. a lot of fireworks happening tomorrow night. so, might have to wait just a while before these showers and storms move through. humidity returns. there is a shower in the morning, stronger storms possible in the afternoon and evening. down the shore, see nice
5:47 am
temperature there today as that cooler breeze sets up in the afternoon. satisfy is a satisfy breeze after 12:00 today. before that, warm and bit uncomfortable, black flies in from the back beast, but will improve in the afternoon, 86, bright sunshine, win five to 10 miles per hour, storms tomorrow, clear out saturday. sunday to the south. by monday, looks pretty good for the fourth. we have mix of sun and clouds, temperature not all that hot, not all that cold, just perfect, 86 degrees, sun to clouds on tuesday. and by wednesday, we do have some periods of rain. shore temperatures will be right about 80 degrees, except for today, and tomorrow, with that nice comfortable sea breeze, bob? >> good morning, 5:47, getting reds toy head out the front door, not bad at all, live look at the ben franklin bridge, starting to seat sun, splash across mid-span, but so far so good, if you are coming into downtown philly, disable right here behind the sign, see the blinkers on, this is
5:48 am
southbound 95, right near the walt whitman bridge, notice right at the curve there come around the straight away for the stadium, careful headed down toward the airportment speaking of the airport, no delays this morning, i just checked with philadelphia international airport. put the tray in the up-right position and good to go, for flights this morning, no problems coming in from new jersey on 42, or 55, looking good for the shaders, along route 73 there, through mt. laurel, pudge's in conshohocken is where we're going today, fayette street, our breakfast segment today from 9:00 to 10:00 the we'll come around the conshy curve and stop off in conshy. so see you there at around 9:00. and then, a downed tree, in charlestown. along the phoenixville pike, at warner lane, otherwise, mass transit, looking good. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bok. woman in the hospital after overnight hit-and-run in point breeze. this happened just after midnight. south 23rd and moore streets, the victim, taken to presbyterian medical center minor injuries, and at this point, police do not have
5:49 am
description that far vehicle that hit her. camden police, are releasing video showing the moment a suspect gets away after attack ago cab driver early yesterday morning, take a look, the man climbs out of the passenger window of that cab. after the driver intentionally crashed into parked car. police say all of that happening after the suspect stabbed the driver seven times in the shoulder during a robbery. this happened at front and state streets. the driver taken to the hospital by a good samaritan, he is expected to be okay. the suspect is still on the loose, if you know who he is, you're asked to contact police. now, to story all satisfy see only on fox 29, kensington, neighbors say they're concerned about the health and safety of their kids as needles from drug users litter the streets there. long time resident bill richardson showed us how it took him 20 short minutes to fill ajar with needles, he collected on his block. it was all part of effort to clean up the area. but just days later, he says, the street was filled again. those who live in the area say drugs have taken over, an once flourishing neighborhood.
5:50 am
>> this whole strip here, it was basically the shooting gallery. >> you tell your kids that don't touch them. but you have little ones that's serious, touch a stick, you don't know what that child has, it is rough. >> people who live there say philadelphia police do what they can to deter the heroin addict in the area, the result simply moving them from one block to another, leaving the trail of needles still behind. wawa's welcome america continues and today promising something bigger than ever. hoagie day, returns to independence mall there is year, it will feature the largest hoagie to date which will be weighing six toms. this event serves as part of wawa salute to the members of the military as well as fire and police departments. and this free hoagies are not enough, there is also free admission to the national constitution center, all day, coming up on god day, we will be live down there, as they prepare to hand out the hoagies. i think we're sending quincy, is that right? >> i think jen is doing, that only a block away, we could all go.
5:51 am
>> should. >> all every those hoagies will be out on the lawn thereby the national constitution center and the national, well, the visitors center, independence visitors center all right, listen to this: >> infamous philadelphia mobster, joey merlino, you know that name, skinny joey, may soon be banned from local businesses where he may not be allowed to go through the door. and why investigators are still watching this guy. >> oh,. >> ya. >> okay? >> and then at some point this morning, guess what i did. >> what? >> i set up alex holley, you know al next. >> ya? >> on a date. >> what? >> she is going on a date to make pasta with her date. >> oh? >> see, you make the food together. >> yes? >> you bond little bit. good first date. >> yes? >> then you sit around and have a two-hour meal. >> oh,. >> you eat the food that you just made. >> two hours might be too long for a first date, though. i'm just saying. >> well it, gives you something to talk about. you do something together.
5:52 am
>> that's true. it depends on who your date is. >> how long are your dates normally? >> depends. let's get coffee instead of dinner. >> well, that's always a good idea. >> right? >> if you want to bail. >> ya. >> and heading to grilling school. have you ever, ever grilled fruit? >> no. well, maybe. pineapples? >> listen to this. we will grill donuts. >> what? >> ya. donuts on a grill. >> all right. >> you got to do it carefully, but it is so good. >> okay. see what happens. after the break, be aware of the next time a facebook friends reaches out to you it, could be a scammer. they're dark it oohing your profile, looking for your friends, i'll tell you about it. >> okay.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate,
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and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> how gorgeous is that shot in wilmington? 5:55, 67 degrees, no humidity, dave war len have more on your
5:56 am
forecast in just a second. the next time up get a friend request on facebook, might just want to do a double take. that's because scammers are targeting facebook users, stealing their photos, information, and posing as other people. with just few clicks, scam kearse now closure page, connect with your friends, and experts say this is an easy way to steel money or someone's identity. one victim from maryland says his friends were the ones who saw his fake profile and notified him right away. >> i thought my accountant got hacked. and that's why i changed my password right away. but after talking to my friend, they were saying actually it is a fake profile. >> they'll say things like oh, i'm out of state, or i'm out of the country, i lost my wallet. can you send me $5,000. >> if you recognize a fake account, contact facebook, the team always looking out for scammers who are out there. >> next on good day, people are worried in wilmington this morning, a woman sexually assaulted near popular local river. now the hunt is on for that
5:57 am
suspect. and, a group of teenagers playing with a gun in a backyard. this morning, one of them is dead after being shot in the face. the question surrounding how they got their hands on that weapon. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see.
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5:59 am
man, weaver worries in wilmington. police are on the hunt for that guy, right there, accused of sexually assaulting a woman in broad daylight. how he was able to lure his
6:00 am
victim into danger. >> they get their hands on these fire weaponsment and next thing you know, they hurt. >> a single gunshot among teenagers leaves 13 year old boy dead. what police say they found at the scene besides the weapon. >> plus, listen to this, people in new jersey, may want to fuel up right now ahead of the fourth every july weekend, which start tomorrow. how a gas tax hike in the garden state could take effect immediately. good day everybody, it is thursday, june the 30th, oh, this is the last day of the month? >> it is the last day. >> you're not ready? >> six month of the year gone already. and dave warren's fault, because he is in for sue serio. >> my fault. >> everything is your fault. >> you want to blame me for the weather. >> yes. >> what is the number? >> ten. >> boom. >> no wonder. >> perfect ten today. because we have that low


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